Just A Little Randomness

I haven’t blogged in awhile now … I have been busy and haven’t been much for the whole ‘articulating of the thoughts’ lately I guess. I think I’ve been in a slight funk lately due to the weather cooling off and generally looking grey and doom-y. I have no reason to be all ‘emo’ though. I had a good week, got good grades in both classes last term, have a new bebe kitteh under my desk chewing on my toes and had a great Halloween with friends. Oh well – I’m entitled to a little ‘emo’ every so often.

So – here are some pictures from both Halloween and our (night before) Halloween Party:

Here is Xander dressed as “Bumblebee” (Transformers)


Alan and I on Halloween (I still suck using my X-Shot)

Alan and I at our Halloween party. HE was completely thrashed. I wasn’t (for once).

My GIRLS and I at my Halloween Party. They look gorgeous and I look pregnant, lol … Next year, next year …

So what did you do for Halloween?

Howling at Howl-O-Scream

Christine & The Wolves

When I lived in Florida my friends and I used to hit Busch Gardens’ awesome Halloween event Howl-O-Scream every year. This year – thanks to the folks at Annheiser-Busch (and of course Izea) all attendee’s of IzeaFest were bused from Orlando (where the conference was being held) to Tampa to visit Howl-O-Scream for free! We got some awesome “SWAG” including a HOS (Howl-O-Scream) bag, a notebook, a t-shirt, pen, light up beaded necklace and even some House of Vayne (the theme this year) gum! (yeah, I thought the gum was a little random – but there were members of our group that needed it due to some roller coaster tummy issues!)

I know I will certainly miss some people – but for the most part our crew at the park included myself, Lisa, Drew and Allison, Tasha, Martha, Meredith, Omarr, Courtney, Dwan, Alan, Buck and at least 5 other people that I cannot remember the names of!

I have to say though – while the houses were pretty cool, there seemed to be a lack of ‘oomph’ in the “scare zones” (areas where there are themed “ghoulies” walking around). Other years I’ve been there their seemed to be more people working them. It was nice, however, that since it was a Thursday – those of us with Izea almost had the park to ourselves! It was so dead there (pun intended!).

We rode only a couple roller coasters – just Gwazi (the ‘dueling’ wooden coaster) and the new SheiKra ride which was completely badass! I think SheiKra was both the single most terrifying coaster I’ve ridden – but also the absolutely most awesome one! I have never been dropped, face down over 100 feet at a 90 degree angle! The only guy from our group that went on this coaster with five of us girls (Elizabeth, Lisa, Tasha, Courtney and me) was Omarr.

The houses were pretty cool this year – there was a ‘biker’ themed one that I’m pretty sure they did a few years ago because I remember it, a sorority house one (which was … odd and kinda lame – although the boys LOVED it of course), a vampire one and a ‘Trapped in the Walls’ house where you got the feeling that you were – in fact – trapped in some walls (hmm).

We didn’t get to go into the Death Row or creepy Dolls houses – but there was a Carnival of the Dead that actually didn’t freak me the hell out! I hate (emphasis on HATE) clowns – so I was worried. But it was more like a band of dead Mexican mariachi’s … and I’m apparently not afraid of dead Mexican mariachi’s.

We did a little shopping (Lisa is nice and actually buys souvenir’s for her family – unlike me) and managed to get back to our bus by 11:15pm. That was supposed to be the last bus to leave – but apparently at least seven people chose to ignore this which kept two of the Izea people – Carrie and Ashley – at the park until at least 2:00am! I would’ve left those turkeys at the park – but that’s my opinion of course.

House of Vayne @ Busch Gardens HOWL O SCREAM 2009!




More IzeaFest photos can be found here!

Self Portrait 12/14


I am so very sporadic in participating in photography memes. But – while editing some photos from a our last family photo shoot I came across a nice photo of myself. So, I am officially participating in Self Portrait Sunday today! Go check out Cass’ blog to learn more.

New Hair Color

Another Holiday Down

Family HalloweenHalloween is officially over! I’m saying that now because we just got home from a Halloween party for Xander’s playgroup. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, watch two of my friends “beat the hell” outta each other (they are always play fighting – they are pretty hysterical) and holding the newest member of the group – 4 (?) day old Abbie 🙂 Everyone loves a warm & snuggly baby – so we all took a turn loving on her. Baby Fever commence again!

Anyway, all of our costumes looked great aside from my giant self (ugh, don’t get me started – lets just say that it’s so totally diet time). Alan was a Vampire (he was going for “Lestat” circa Queen of the Damned), Xander was Super Mario and I was Hermione (with glasses …. lol).

Here is a “family” picture from last night. I took a few new ones today and will post them tomorrow. I’m too tired to get the darn camera. I’m ready to sort through my tea collection, brew up something yummy, put on some jammies and relax in front of some DVR’d Ghost Hunters. Goodnight!!

Wordess Wednesday 9/24/08


Waiting for Blooms

But wait – I’m never “really” wordless …. This is a photo taken at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens last year. I was looking through my Flickr for a photo to use this week and this one totally works. It’s getting colder here in Virginia – so that tree in the photo represents what’s “coming” … The jet in the background? That’s just what you see at any given moment in the sky around here 😉

Please add the link to YOUR Wordless Wednesday!

Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Xander's Map

Today I took Xander to a playdate at Red Wing park. One of the girls had set up a Pirate Playdate & Treasure Hunt – which is usually right up Xand’s alley. Today, he was too busy pretending to be Mario (from Nintendo) to be a pirate. We even ended up leaving his pirate hat in the van! Anyone who knows this kid knows he is a pirate maniac … this Nintendo fetish needs to be ended I think. Well, anyway – he had a great time at least. He played with his friends and I got to chat with the other girls. They went on a treasure hunt complete with maps and colored a pirate bandanna. It was a lot of fun. I even got to finally meet one of my new OMBUDSMAN’s, Gabby. She was super sweet and I let her know that I was interested in getting more involved with the command, so we will see what comes out of that.

I caught a super short nap earlier while Xander was sucked into the damn Nintendo. I think I got about a 1/2 hour which was nice. I’m sleepy now – but I’m going to give Xander and shower and get him to bed. Then I can have some sweet alone time with Pinky Lee (yeah, that would be my laptop) and potentially a call from hubby.