Vampires Entertain Me

But then again … vampires entertain everyone else in America too apparently. I just watched the season finale of season 1 of HBO’s True Blood. I borrowed the series from my friend Dorothy because I’d really (really) wanted to watch it but unfortunately for me all the digital tv recorders in the world won’t DVR it for me if I don’t have HBO (which – I don’t). So – borrowing was the way for awhile. That is – until my husband went on a business trip overseas and found season two for me for eight bucks!

So – I guess tomorrow hubby and I will begin season two!

On the other hand – the vampire show I am able to DVR is Vampire Diaries which is a world away (in terms of age group and characters) from True Blood. It’s like a weekly dose of Twilight for me though (which I also adore). I don’t know how I can love both the Twilight/Vampire Diaries type vampires yet also love the vampires in True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (show, not movie) and the Anne Rice style vampires. They are all quite different – yet in a lot of ways the same. I think the real deviation would be the Twilight vampires. Stephanie Meyer pretty much rewrote the “books” with those vamps.

Am I weird for liking all of the different “genre’s” of vampire fiction? What do you think?

Team Edward vs Team Jacob

This hilarious video is from last night’s Saturday Night Live hosted by Taylor Lautner:

I didn’t realize that he was actually … FUNNY 😉

Or Four … On the Floor!

I keep hearing Britney Spears’ new single “3” on the radio here (Hot 100.5) and I love it – absolutely love it – even though it’s sooooo incredibly dirty! I mean, it’s a song about a threesome … but it’s such a catchy song and I love how Britney sounds in it! I just realized that the official Britney site has the video up for ‘3’ now also!

Here it is:

I think she looks AMAZING in the video! Brit really goes back to her roots and showcases her awesome dancing (and of course throws in one of her famous ‘quirky’ faces that she always seems to throw in!). The video (while obviously ‘older’ in theme) is reminiscent of her older videos like “Boys” or “I’m A Slave for You” because it’s one big dance number.


Love the song more than the video though because I love when Britney tells a story in her video. But – this song was more of a fun song – so I can forgive her this time! What do you think of the song and video?

It Is Okay Mr. President


The ‘social web’ is all a-twitter with the news that our President … Mr. Barack Obama … called singer / R&B phenom (and all around douche) Kanye West a “jackass.” Of course, now President Obama is doing ‘oops’ control and making apologies and such. But – he was, in my opinion (and the opinion of millions of others) completely and utterly correct!

For those who live under a rock – or just generally don’t pay attention to pop culture – Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday. During her acceptance / thank you speech The Biggest Asshole in R & B Kanye West jumps up on stage, grabs the microphone from the stunned country singer and proclaims:

“YO Taylor! I’m really happy for you … I’ma let you finish … but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Of all time!!”

Holy Cow! Kanye was boo’d offstage and everyone gave Taylor a standing ovation. She looked absolutely heartbroken! Thankfully she pulled it together and gave a great performance of her winning song “You Belong with Me” live from the awards show. She looked a little nervous when she first started her song though – but by the end she was rocking. Seriously though … One of the best? The best? Of all time? Are we thinking of the same video here? Anyway … Beyonce was gracious and invited Taylor up to the stage to finish the interrupted acceptance speech. (Beyonce won “Video of the Year” … not of “All Time” by the way).

But … I’m completely in support of our President being open and honest. If he thinks Kanye is a “jackass” then by golly I’m going to agree with him!

It was a little dirty for that ABC person to tweet what the President said though … wasn’t this person supposed to be working and not dinking around on the Twitter? (according to cnn)

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MTV Video Music Awards – NEW MOON TRAILER

Last night on the MTV Video Music Awards the brand new trailer for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon
was premiered. Of course being the wacko fan that I am I video cammed both the introduction by cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Here is the trailer in all it’s terrible ‘cam job’ glory!

YouTube Preview Image

Also – hello Kayne West – YOU ARE A DOUCHE! Taylor Swift is a wonderful performer and deserved to win the award. Beyonce’s video was NOT “one of the best videos of all time” …. Asshat.

And Lady Gaga … I love the music … but you are wack-tarded. What the heck WAS that last night?

New Moon and Five Hours (of sexy!)


Read this on

Death Cab For Cutie, the first official band to be penning a song for the movie soundtrack, revealed that they were invited to a special screening of New Moon – a five hour long version of the flick!

Guitarist Chris Walla, the only member of the band whose admitted to reading the books, explains that the cut didn’t include any “effects or Foley or music or anything” and they ended up declining the invitation due to scheduling conflicts.


Though we’re positive most of you wouldn’t mind sitting though five hours of vampire/werewolf bliss, we’re also just as sure that it will be dramatically cut down.

But just think about the bonus features on the DVD!

Dude seriously? Let ME see! I don’t mind sitting through five hours of Jacob Black New Moon! I’ll even blog about it! Think about it – you let me preview New Moon and I will write up all the press you want – for free! New Line … call me, we need to chat! 😉