Under My Umbrella

Honestly .. the words are great – but I’m not a *huge* Rhianna fan. So, I didn’t really LOVE the song “Umbrella” when it came out. And is being played over, and over and over and over … on the radio.

That said – I LOOOOOVEEEEEEE the Mandy Moore cover of Umbrella. It gives me chills. Hopefully I can find HER version on Lime 😉

Check out the video here @ Yahoo.

So Quickly

Alan (who’s been away since 6 July) came for a visit Wednesday afternoon. We hung out on Thursday and all went to Disney on Friday, then visited with Brandie and Keith (and their new puppies, and their old kitty lol) on Saturday. He flew out this morning. He should be back sometime in November ….. His goings suck, but the coming home is always nice. He spent a ton of quality time with Xander and Xander was okay with him leaving (he’s acting up a little, but he’s bored …). Xander made Alan hug him about a million times last night and said “I love you” and “I’ll miss you” to him a few more. It’s sad … but, he’s handling it okay.

Disney was AWESOME – took lots of photos. Xander had a blast and was able to ride a bunch of rides and even rode his very first roller coaster (he just made the height quota!) … I didn’t get to ride Space Mountain, and the Haunted Manse was CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER (I almost melted away into the pavement when I came upon that!!) but it was fun just seeing how much fun Xander was having! 🙂

Oh Fiddy (and Justin)!!

Always the Justin fan I am, lol ….. 50 cent’s new song/video “Ayo Technology” is SUPER SEXY! Wow! View the vid here.

Like Her Mother

I swear, I’m terrible 😉 I used to pick on my mom for crying during damn near everything she watched … Now? I do the same thing! Is this a throwback from having kids? Hormonal imbalence? Sheesh … May I present to you Christina Aguilara’s new video for “Hurt” — Click Here please.

Doing Some Plugging!

Rock Out!

Babies! Babies!

What a nice way to start the week 🙂 I found out today that not one but TWO of my very favorite celebrity ladies gave birth to their long awaited babies – Angelina and Gwen welcomed their babies on the 27th and 26th respectivly. Congratulations! 🙂