TripFLIX – Plan Your Vacation!


I had the opportunity to get a copy of a neat DVD called “TripFLIX” to review! TripFLIX is over two hours long and features twenty-five destinations, interactive trivia, games and even a blooper reel!

You start out on the menu with a map of the US where you have to choose your “Starting region” followed by your “Destination region” – you can choose from North, South. Since I live in Virginia, I chose “South” and since I would rather not venture out too far I also chose “South” as my destination! The video goes through various places that you can visit in the region including the Baltimore Orioles baseball field; “Rock City” in Georgia and space camp. I can think of a million other places to visit in the south but I’m FROM the south, so I guess I have that advantage!

Some other featured spots include Coney Island in New York, Atlantic City in Jersey (including Lucy the Elephant which our family has seen!), the Alamo in Texas, Metropolis (yes, think Superman) in Illinois, Mount Rushmore, Sea World, and the St. Louis Arch.


The movie kept my son’s attention for a bit; although he did start wandering around after about 20 minutes. I think that the movie would most likely be better for older kids (maybe older than 5 or 6) because the activities at each “attraction” are more geared towards those ages and above. All in all; the movie was cute; the two teen hosts were funny and I gleaned a lot of information from it. I could’ve done without the slightly annoying “trivia” sections between each feature … but, that might just be because I didn’t know ANY of the answers. I have to admit though that this movie was pretty cute and I did learn some new things. I have a bunch of new ideas where I’d like to visit (and take my kid) now also – so, mission accomplished!

You can get your own copy of TripFlix by visiting their website at and you can also view the “Grownups Guide” here!

You can watch the TripFLIX dvd trailer right here!

Wacky Celebrities

I’ve really got nothing tonight, lol … Nothing of substance at least. I am surfing sites on the ‘net and reading some “news” and this blog is just one huge mishmash of information I wanted to share!

First off … I’m sure you’ve heard now; (male) celebrity crackpot Andy Dick was arrested for (suspicion of) “drug use and sexual battery after the comedian allegedly pulled down a teenager’s top” (from ABC News). Somehow, with the way this guy has been acting lately I’m not really suprised. He obviously 1. needs attention and 2. has ISSUES … But, one thing I did notice eyeing his mugshot is that he looks really creepy .. like Robert DeNiro in “Cape Fear” creepy. Check it out:


On the left … Mr. Dick … on the right, Mr. DeNiro. Similar? I think so …  Also, I think Mr. Dick looks a little like my Uncle Tommy (who really isn’t my uncle). He’s kinda got that weird perv look to him also.

Looking for Rare Music Finds?

Okay now; anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows I am a HUGE music fan – I have been listening to “anything and everything” for pretty much my entire life (thanks Mom!) In fact, what seems like a million-internet years ago I used to have a music lyrics website; then I got lazy and decided to close it because I didn’t have the time to maintain it – especially when I started blogging! Plus, there are many many other avenues of obtaining music on the ‘net!

While doing my daily “scan” of the internet I came across a really cool website called that promises to bring you rare cd’s and singles along with rare vinyl records and memorabilia (omg, yes, Vinyls!!). These items can fetch a pretty penny now; imagine … leafing through your mom’s old record collection and finding an original Sgt. Pepper record (mint, including the “poster” thing inside) and thinking … man, what a great album! Back in the 1980’s it wasn’t thought to be much, but that album is worth well over $300 now!

I’m sorta kicking myself because back in the mid-80’s my cousins lived across the street from Robi Rosa (either during or before “Menudo” fame). He also had a solo career and collaborated with former Menudo bandmate Ricky Martin on some of his big hits! Talk about a “connection” right? Alas … no autographs were asked for … But can you imagine?

I think about a band I know now (well, I know one of the singers actually – have since high school). I’ve got yearbooks with this person’s photo, photo’s of this person, not to mention I purchased their demo LP off their website when it came out (I also have a poster which I hope my friend will sign for me along with his band-mates). Imagine the garage band you followed in high school hitting it BIG (which I know they will) and years from now what original photos and LP’s would be worth? Maybe in 20 – 30 years I will find my friend’s music on!

One particular band I did a search for while on the website was Nirvana … I LOVE me some Nirvana! I have a lot of their stuff, including a couple rare ones. (I don’t plan on parting with them any time soon either!) I was really excited to see that had the 1998 vinyl release of “Nevermind” (you know, the album that single handedly ushered in the Grunge era?) What a cool find! also has the rare “Hormoaning” cd (6 tracks) that was sent to Japanese radio stations back in 1992. Very cool website – tons of variety; be sure to check it out!


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I Love DVR

I’m loving my new DVR … It certainly took me long enough to drop the cash for it! I like being able to record all the goofy shows that I like to watch and then watch them at 10:30 at night when my kidlet is asleep and my hubby is … um, where IS my hubby? I guess he’s in the bathroom …

Anyway, I’m currently DVRing “Ghost Hunters” and “Legally Blonde: Search for Elle Woods” – I’m watching “Legally Blonde” right now (from last week) and they have the girls dancing on a cobblestone street in “Pepto Bismol” pink stiletto heels. I certainly think I couldn’t get onto Broadway, lol … There’s no way in hell and I think I’m okay with that. I think I like “little theatre” a little better, a lot of work – but it’s not *really* as cutthroat.

These poor girls are working their asses off, they each really deserve a gift basket. This show is really making me want to SEE this musical though!! I’ll have to see if it’s travelling yet. I think a friend mentioned getting together with the “chicks” to see “Wicked” soon and I’m REALLY wanting to go!

Pregnancy Fashion

I’m literally DROOLING over pregnancy fashion lately! I’ve got some favorites of course – but I’m no movie star; so I’m trying to duplicate the styles without the super high price tag.

Let’s take a few of my favorite baby-making celebrities; Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Tori Spelling and yes, even Britney Spears. They wore clothes (and are wearing clothes) that looked classy & cute, showed off their blooming bellies and still looked comfortable. Most of their outfits are duplicateable for way less than the “celeb” price tag.

Image COPYRIGHT from Wire Image
(Image from Wire Image)

Angelina Jolie (will this woman ever need top wrinkle cream?!) – My absolute favorite dress she’s worn has got to be the beautiful Max Azria Atelier gown that she wore to Cannes. The cut was beautiful, the color was amazing and BOY did it look comfortable! Too bad the dress probably cost upwards of $10,000 and $50,000 (I dunno because of course I can’t find the dress online!). The dress has a “twin” though – The Laundry by Design Crinkled Chiffon Long Dress can be found at Bloomies for much less; (originally) $325.00 currently $227.50!!

(Image from People Magazine)

Gwen Stefani – Mrs. Rossdale rocked out her style as usual all the way through her pregnancy with son Kingston and is still rocking it while pregnant with her new edition (due this summer). A lot of the stuff she wears is not “maternity” clothing though, and just seems to be bigger sizes of shifty dresses and non-fitted shirts. She wore a beautiful off the shoulder shifty dress in leopard print to the Grammys in 2006 (I can’t find the information on it though) and looked very chic and comfy in a Mira pullover tunic in grey (find something similar at Old Navy!) on a day out in Beverly Hills. The tunic is priced at $128 which isn’t really that expensive when you think of “celebrity style” you know. You can find a black tube top (maternity) at Old Navy for $20 (but Old Navy is ALWAYS having sales!) It seems to be all about comfort with Gwen’s pregnancy style.

(Image from OK Magazine)

Tori Spelling – Tori went back and forth between fitted tummy-showing outfits and flowy, shifty dresses. One really nice shirt I noticed was the Chiarakruza’s Dallas Top (Denise Richards also wore this shirt). It looks great both during pregnancy and after baby. PLUS – it’s low cut enough where you could totally pop out one of the “twins” and nurse the baby! And at $88 it can fit into a “non-celebrity” budget. Another great dress (shown in photo above) looks super comfy! I have no idea what it is (designer-wise) but it’s “twin” the “Smocked Scoopneck Dress” – the can be found at BabyStyle for $78!


Britney Spears – My all time favorite baby shirt (in terms of “How Freakin’ Cute”) is the “I’ve Got the Golden Ticket” she wore to the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” premier. I have zero clue where she bought it originally; but this one is super easy to duplicate. Go get yourself a maternity tank top from say, Motherhood (I know they have a dark teal) or a strappy cami from Old Navy and get some iron ons and make it! Super easy and super cheap.

Got any fashion duplicating tips to share? Please send them along!

Celebrity Quickies

I had a very boring day – so I spent it playing on the internet looking up celebrity gossip (what else?). Here’s a few interesting tidbits:


Mario Lopez is “crowned” People Magazine’s Hottest Batchelor: Yes ladies and gents; the dimpled wonder once known as AC Slater is now this years hottest free dude. I can agree with that I think; although some people aren’t so happy because he (allegedly) cheated on his last girlfriend Katarina Smirnoff. Hey, just because he’s a player doesn’t mean he’s not hot you know.

Yet Another Remake: Seriously, can Hollywood come up with anything original? Now, according to the BBC Sienna Miller (that chick who was with Jude Law for awhile) will play Maid Marion in an upcoming remake of “Robin Hood” along with Russell Crow as the Sheriff of Nottingham. Wasn’t Robin Hood made only around 15 years or so ago with Kevin Costner? I can see “remaking” old movies, but movies made in the past decade should be off limits. Unless it’s a spoof – because you know; “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” rocked my socks.

Firefox 3 Breaks A Record (Hopefully): Internet browser Firefox 3 (that would be the third generation of Firefox) came out yesterday. They were trying to break the world record of downloads in one day and now they are just waiting for Guinness to give their results. More than 8-Million people downloaded the browser! I’ve been hearing nothing but awesome reviews for it – so get rid of your old buggy crappy IE and get yourself some Firefox

(Had to throw some “Geek” in you know!)

And there you have it!