Tonights TV

I’d never watched Grey’s Anatomy before … Nice. Little confused .. but …?

ER IS ABOUT TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ER! ER! ER!

Casa de Mickey Mouse?

The Disney Channel is celebrating Latin History month …. they have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song being played in Spanish right now … That was a little odd.

Miska! Mooska! Mickey Mouse!

Yo! Giant …! er?

See … I’m not the only one who refers to the tall, bumpy guy on Yo! Gabba Gabba as a giant dildo. She does too!

A lot of you mom’s know the song … you know you do … so, substitute “Muno … the giant dildo” in .. You know what I’m sayin’

heh heh heh

There’s a (breakfast!) party in my tummy! Yummy! Yummy!

More YouTube

Found this one also, GREAT!

Another One? Always!

Ashley Tisdale … you know, of High School Musical fame? Of, er, some other show on Disney fame? She did a remake of The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl” last I saw of her (I didn’t see High School Musical). Now she’s got a new song out called “He Said, She Said” and I think she’s seriously channeling Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrtyness” in this one. I honestly don’t think her voice is very good, she’s got a very YOUNG voice I mean – thin. She’s okay on the rap part (surprisingly for a white girl and all, lol). The song is super catchy and will most likely make it onto my iPod, but … Ashley Tisdale??

She should’ve just stuck with Disney stuff …

Ahh well, check it out yourself:

He Said, She Said

Kiss the Girl

Fat Girls Need Not Apply

So, I picked up the August “Style Watch” edition of PEOPLE Magazine a week or so ago. They had Queen Latifah on the cover with the tag line “Play Up Your Shape” .. erm … the ONLY “plus” girl they had in the mag WAS Queen Latifah! (well, they also had Sara Ramirez from Grey’s Anatomy, but she was just listed as “thick waisted” – she’s PLUS also PEOPLE!) How is a girl like me supposed to “Love My Body” when I’ve got NO ONE to show me that being “plus” is okay?

They had a couple pages of “Looks to Keep” including chunky knits (think big, thick, billowy sweaters) that DO NOT look good on “plus” sizers, Trapeze dresses (think of a puffy, long maternity shirt) which will make all “plus” sizers look, well, pregnant) and dare I even say … Horizontal Striped tops/dresses. I don’t even have to explain that one. The only “look to keep” that I’d like to keep is the Fedora. Fedora’s are HOTT. On “plus” girls AND Posh.

“Looks to Lose” included mixing patterns (who the hell thinks that EVER looked good?) and Newsboy Caps (last I checked, a million people were still wearing those, a million people cannot be WRONG here!)

It looks like peacoats are still classic which is great because they are beautiful AND slimming (get the right amount of buttons for your bod please!) and BIG ASS tote bag purses are still in (those are awesome too, they make GREAT diaper bags! lol). I can do without the wide leg jeans though, I always think of the punk-rock, skater, goth people from middle school/high school with the ugly wide leg jeans. I always teased my friend, Damion that I could fit my entire body into one of his pant legs. They look as ridiculous NOW as they did then.

I don’t have enough time to go through and review each page of this issue, but if you buy this issue with the impression that they might cover more celebs with a bit more waist/hips/thighs then you will be disappointed. Someone PLEASE give me a website to link up that has fashion tips for us sexy fat chicks?