Kid Friendly Chores

I’ve been trolling Pinterest lately looking for some new ideas for keeping track of family chores. Thank goodness there are super creative people out there!

One of the neat “pins” I saved was a DIY Rotating Goal List from Cornflower Blue Studio. The original creator hand-drew the designs, but since I am completely inept at measuring (and drawing) I chose to recreate the project on my computer and print it out on my wide format printer.

Came out pretty great if you ask me! My 8 year old got his chart printed on neon green paper. My chart is neon pink (of course!) and my husband’s chart will be orange. I’m going to make a different chart for the baby – she is two now and actually seems to like helping me with chores. She will get a sticker chart.

A couple of the “chores” for my 8 year old include:

Monday – Bring all the trash bags from upstairs (his room, both bathrooms) down to the kitchen trash can; replace the upstairs bags.

Tuesday – All of laundry from Xander’s bedroom/bathroom must be placed in laundry basket and brought downstairs (or thrown downstairs off the landing – it’s funner that way, lol)

He has been begrudgingly helping me unload the dishwasher – but he is more than old enough to start LOADING the dishwasher. I have a stool in the kitchen that he can climb on. I need to plan in advance how much his “commission” will be for each chore. That way I have enough money on Fridays to “pay” him.

I also need to organize his room so he has a PLACE for everything. That way – he doesn’t get completely overwhelmed when I ask him to clean it. This has always been an issue for me personally too.

So, what are some of the “chores” or “jobs” your kids do at home? Please share!

Planning My Hawaiian Holiday Season

I’ve never lived in a place where I can still wear tank tops or sleeveless dresses at the end of November. Now, I do – well, except for today because I could do with a sweater or something because it’s pretty windy out today. It’s not *quite* 80 degrees here today. I heard from a friend that it dipped into the 20’s recently back in Virginia. Scarves, hats and jackets are normal for this time of year. Strapless dresses are not.

This year – I’m not dreaming of a “white” Christmas – that is, unless it’s a “white” sandy beach!

I’m getting so many beautiful ideas from – of coursePinterest!

I’ve already decided to take the kids on a hunt for shells/ seaglass/ etc. so we can make some pretty Beach-inspired ornaments. There aren’t many “big” shells here on Oahu, but there are certainly small (“puka”) shells to be found!

Another item I’ve been on the hunt for has been strands of ‘star’ shaped Christmas lights! I don’t know why – but I’m a little obsessed with them.

I’m planning on having our family photo taken on the beach – with red ‘Hawaiian’ inspired attire of course! This is our first Christmas here in Hawaii so I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth! The beach portrait will be our family Holiday card this year. Sure, it’s lame and “touristy” – but hey – I’ve always been one to let my nerd-flag fly high!

What are your plans for your holiday decor? Where are you getting your inspiration from?

DIY: Shoe Box Turned Charging Station

I find some absolutely AMAZING things on Pinterest! I’d like to share with you something that I found that I plan on actually implementing in my own house. I plan on making a bathroom-friendly one though where I can plug in my hairdryer and straightener 🙂


So cool, right? Will show you pictures when I make my own!

Bought Some Tulle

I visited the fabric store today and bought a BUNCH of tulle for tutu’s I’m going to make! I’m making pink/black ones for Jules and myself and my friend Melissa will be making a red/black one! I will also be making some fairy wings and bought some wire at the Home Depot today!

Here is the ‘pattern’ for the wings that I will be following (it’s from Craftster). It doesn’t look too hard – and I’ve made wings before, I just used hangers. But this time – using the wire will allow me to shape the wings much easier!

I’m excited! Jules and I will be matching faeries for Halloween!

Now I just have to get a green hat and a white “L” for Xander’s “Luigi” costume …

RoseArt’s Awesome Summer Activities

RoseArt® is introducing their all-new Activity Kits, sold exclusively at Target stores, for a limited time only, May 22 through July 9, 2011.

RoseArt® activity kits inspire creativity and encourage kids to get in touch with their inner-crafter by providing everything needed to create the fun projects pictured on each box!

Activities include:
• Origami Animals
• Mini Metallic Mosaics
• Clay Buddies
• Color Surprise Art
• Make Your Own Pin Wheels
• Paint Your Own Wood Cars
• Create Your Own Kaleidoscopes
• And Many More!

The 7 Days of Fun kits challenge kids to create one craft a day for an entire week with projects such as origami animals, sand art, sequin art, clay buddies and much more! The Me & You Activity Kits include everything needed for two crafters to create together, providing a great bonding activity for kids with their parents, friends, siblings, grandparents and babysitters!

Creating A Butterfly Garden: Part Four


Now that you have all of your plants, the real fun (or work, depending on how you see it) begins. Check out Home Depot’s know-how section for great ideas on butterflygarden04how to plant your flowers. It even has some great tips on which plants to select while shopping! Here, however, is how I did it (the idiot’s version): gather all the potted plants and bring them into your garden area (You may want to use a wheelbarrow, if you can, so you don’t have to make 100 trips. I can’t, use a wheelbarrow that is.) Spend a few hours arranging the pots into the best possible sun/shade/height/width/color arrangement you can (you may want to start this very early so you can plant before it gets too hot, or mid-afternoon so you can plant before the sun comes down. Hell, take two days!). Make sure to leave plenty of room between the plants for expansion (oops, forgot that part…Make your plant area bigger! He didn’t really need that shed, right?) Starting on one end, wiggle the pot in the dirt to make an impression. Move the plant and dig a hole slightly wider than the impression. Here’s the hard part: the hole should be as deep as the plant is in the pot, not as deep as the pot (my poor plants keep drowning). You can even make it a little shallower. *** Moosh (yes, it’s a word) the pot to loosen the dirt and plant inside. With one hand over the plant, flip the pot and the plant should slide out (do this over the hole in case you get a lot of loose dirt). Moosh the bottom of the plant a little to loosen the roots. Plop (ok, gently place) the root end of the plant in your hole (not the green part) and fill in the area around it. Push down around the plant with your hands to make sure it is firmly in the ground.

Continue this process until all of your plants are in the ground. Water them well. NEVER WATER YOUR PLANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. You’ve heard it before, but here’s why: watering in the middle of the day not only wastes water because the sun will evaporate it before the plant can absorb it, water droplets in the sun act a lot like a magnifying glass. You remember what magnifying glasses do to ants? Well, water droplets can do the same to your leaves (though on a less dramatic level, no actual bursting into flames here).

Now you’re done! Um, well, except for the watering and feeding part!

This is part four in a five part series on creating your very own Butterfly Garden!
This awesome blog series is being guest posted by my sister-in-law (and family Herbologist) Brandie!
Brandie can be found (along with her tech-geek husband) on their website