On Keeping it Together

I’ve realized (yet again) that I cannot keep up with the pace that I’ve set for my life. I can’t do everything which in turn makes me not want to do anything. I took a Zoloft this morning due to the fact that I felt the need to strangle someone (anyone) and remembered that I hadn’t taken any for the past couple days. I also keep forgetting to take my Adderall which makes me not able to keep any focus. Today alone I’ve jumped from five different things in the span of ten minutes. I don’t think any of it actually got finished either.

I hate not being able to function. It makes me sad, it makes me angry too. Most of all it makes me useless (as several of my friends and clients could tell you). Will someone PLEASE get me organized? I need help … and I need $$$ so I really need to get on the ball.

SO Not A Programmer

I realized today that I an not and will never be a “Programmer” when it comes to software and (web) development. It took going thru (and doing poorly in) a Javascript class and now trying to stay awake and pay attention in my Programming class to make me realize this. It’s just really not for me. I don’t mind a little javascript and a little programming – but I seriously SERIOUSLY hate math and today the majority of our assignments were all about ‘order of operations’ and logic. While it’s sorta easy since it’s beginning math stuff (remember: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally?) it still completely grates on me and makes me quite the unhappy camper.

Add all this to the fact that I am yet again (er .. still?) sick and crampy! Bleh!! I have a ton of stuff to do (including fixing Lisa’s borked website, IE-afying Dwan’s website, Connie’s business card and two reviews for Elina – and I’m multitasking here – but all I wanna do is fall asleep.

On the plus side – I have tickets to New Moon on Friday! At least that’s something …

Just A Little Randomness

I haven’t blogged in awhile now … I have been busy and haven’t been much for the whole ‘articulating of the thoughts’ lately I guess. I think I’ve been in a slight funk lately due to the weather cooling off and generally looking grey and doom-y. I have no reason to be all ‘emo’ though. I had a good week, got good grades in both classes last term, have a new bebe kitteh under my desk chewing on my toes and had a great Halloween with friends. Oh well – I’m entitled to a little ‘emo’ every so often.

So – here are some pictures from both Halloween and our (night before) Halloween Party:

Here is Xander dressed as “Bumblebee” (Transformers)


Alan and I on Halloween (I still suck using my X-Shot)

Alan and I at our Halloween party. HE was completely thrashed. I wasn’t (for once).

My GIRLS and I at my Halloween Party. They look gorgeous and I look pregnant, lol … Next year, next year …

So what did you do for Halloween?

WIC Says Breastfeed or Buy Your Own Formula

When I had my son, Xander I was absolutely hell-bent on breast feeding him. The reasons I had included health benefits and saving money – both great reasons in my opinion!

For most women, breastfeeding is biologically possible. Both babies and mothers gain many benefits from breastfeeding. Breast milk is easy to digest and contains antibodies that can protect infants from bacterial and viral infections. Also, research indicates that women who breastfeed may have lower rates of certain breast and ovarian cancers.

But – for some women breastfeeding is simply not an option for them for many reasons. My personal belief is that every woman should at least try to nurse their child. But – if they can’t they aren’t a “bad parent” (because I know a lot of the ‘boob nazi’ types would think so). Although a lot of the companies say that their formula brands offer the same benefits as breast milk, none do. Infant formula is a safe alternative, but more people need to know the truth behind this breast-milk substitute, especially when coping with guilt.

If you are one of the mommy’s that are choosing to feed your child formula; know that you don’t have to purchase the big, expensive name brands of baby formula! There are store brands that have the exact same ingredients and are just as good as those names brands and cost almost half the amount of money.

“Buying a heavily marketed, expensive, brand-name infant formula from a big pharmaceutical company does not get your baby any closer to human breast milk than a store brand formula,” added Dr. Levine. “Mothers can choose to supplement their breast milk with any formula because all formulas are regulated by FDA and nutritionally equivalent.”

The store-brand message is set to become even more important for many mothers because of changes in the Women, Infants and Children program. As of October 1, 2009, a new WIC initiative aimed at increasing breastfeeding rates among families reallocates funding for all currently provided foods, including infant formula, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables. This program could mean a reduction of up to 20 percent in infant-formula subsidies; parents who previously had most of their formula paid for by WIC may now have to purchase formula on their own.

Do your research and include the prices of the store brands of formula in your research. Do coupon swaps with your friends and other local mom’s (or even through the internet). I think it comes down to the fact that if you want “what’s best” for your baby and want an infant formula just is “just like breast milk” – just breastfeed and save yourself the trouble. If you physically cannot breastfeed – why not check out local (or again, through the internet) milk banks. There are other mom’s out there with an abundance of breast milk that are willing to share.


Another Day, Another List

I need to get moving because I have a ton to do today! Dropped my Xander off at Angie’s as usual (she watches him in the morning before his Pre-K begins and afterward until I get him after I get out of school ~ for this I adore her BTW) … Got some more Physics work done (I have an 84% which AMAZES ME since I keep bombing tests but acing the actual work). Tomorrow is the Physics FINAL so I have to study tonight. I have a ton of errands and chores and work to do today though. Here’s the list:

  1. Immunization Record for Xander
  2. Get Xander from Pre-K
  3. Grocery Shopping
  4. Thrift store / Dollar Store
  5. Finish up and launch Lisa’s blog template.
  6. Fix alignment on Lisa’s twitter background.
  7. Finish coding and update client on website.
  8. Branded twitter page for Heather.
  9. Finish layout for new portfolio.
  10. Layout for Tammy’s website.
  11. Contact Noel about kitchen blog redesigns. (hmm .. maybe Thursday)
  12. Plan tomorrow. Plan Thursday.

I think I’m going to need some Dew … Oh! If you are heading to IzeaFest in a few days and need your Twitter page branded please give me a shout – I charge $10 flat fee for a great personalized, branded page!

Food for Thought


I’m trying to figure out if I am in a snarky bitch mood today because a.) I’m pregnant and hormonal, b.) I’m off my meds of c.) I’m just a snarky bitch.

Hmm …..