Help Support Military Families Heal – Operation Purple

Anyone who has ever loved an animal knows how powerful and healing its presence can be.

Specially-trained therapy animals are a tremendous help to military families recovering from war and separation at our Operation Purple® camps and retreats. These families have sacrificed so much, and they struggle with uncertainty and other stress.

Therapy animals—including cuddly cats, loving dogs, gentle horses, and others—help military families break down barriers they can’t themselves. These nurturing animals provide a sense of calm for adults and kids often surrounded by stress. And they lend a feeling of “home.” They allow service members to reconnect, talk more openly about their fears and needs, and solidify fragile bonds with their spouses and children at our camps and retreats.

Please help more military families heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war through the comforting presence of therapy animals today.

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Learn more about Operation Purple® here!

The Midway Island Project

Photo by: Jan Vozenilek — at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge

Living in paradise has given me the opportunity to learn things about the environment that I really never paid much attention to before. I “do my part” to help save our Earth by recycling and reusing items; but I realize that I have to do MORE. Everyone does. So, I’m sharing a series of videos with you that will seriously OPEN YOUR EYES to what we humans are doing to our beautiful planet and all the amazing creatures that live here.

The MIDWAY film project is a powerful visual journey into the heart of an astonishingly symbolic environmental tragedy. On one of the remotest islands on our planet, tens of thousands of baby albatrosses lie dead on the ground, their bodies filled with plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Returning to the island over several years, our team is witnessing the cycles of life and death of these birds as a multi-layered metaphor for our times.


Learn more about this project by visiting the Midway Project Film website, reading the blog, and visiting their Facebook page. You can also help support the cause and the film by visiting the Kickstarter page.

The Right to Bear Arms

This is an article written on a blog called Jack of All Spades. Here is a snippit – but I suggest you read the rest on the original blog. Excellant article! When I share stuff like this on places like Facebook I open myself up to people who disagree with my (strong) feelings on gun control. On here – my blog – I feel better about not allowing someone to disagree – lol …

For as long as I can remember, the political officers of the United States have regularly misused tragedy for their own causes. This is in reality just human nature to make the best of a situation but the real issue arises when that person takes a very serious situation and pushes through an agenda on the backs of small children. I deeply regret the tragic events involving recent active shooters and wish a speedy recovery to all involved. I wish that the communities worst hit by these events can move past these events with strength. Life gives us lemons every day; I just don’t expect them to come in the form of an active shooter. What I do expect is that no matter the lemon, we can find a way to make lemonade.

Read the rest!

Disagree all you want – I don’t care. But I’m not debating this topic and I’m not going to “agree” with you.

If you don’t like guns, fine. You aren’t taking mine away. I’ll just be the one saving YOUR ass when the shit hits the fan. Don’t tell me that “they aren’t trying to take your legally acquired guns” – yes, “they” are. They might not be saying it NOW – but I strongly believe that this “gun control” ladder will come to that point.

Help Support Hawaii’s Homeless – River of Life Mission

perimeter walk oahuMy husband Alan and a few friends/co-workers will be walking the entire perimeter of the island of Oahu, Hawaii. They are doing this walk (and camp) in order to raise money and awareness for the River of Life Mission in Honolulu, Hawaii. The walk starts this Wednesday 12-19-12 and will end on Saturday!

The guys will be sleeping outside with our local homeless and sharing what they learn.

The whole route is about 130 miles. Updates will be posted to the Facebook page and the Perimeter Walk Oahu website so be sure to “like” and subscribe so you can stay in the loop!

Their reason for doing this “walk” is to increase awareness of the growing problem of poverty and homelessness in Hawaii and help support the River of Life Mission.

The River of Life Mission is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in the heart of the Chinatown district in Honolulu, on the beautiful island on O’ahu, Hawai’i. Their primary mission is to rescue the perishing and offer hope to the hopeless by feeding hundreds of homeless and destitute families struggling to survive in an ever changing global environment.

People from all walks of life come through the doors: the homeless, the elderly, and the addicts. Add to the mix those who are mentally ill, and the forgotten veteran, the disabled individual, families with children, the aging prostitute and those recently released from prison.

This is SUCH an important cause and if you would like to help out the River of Life Mission you can donate here!

National Wreath’s Across America Day

Saturday, Dec. 15 was National Wreath’s Across America Day. Here is a touching video of the event at Arlington National Cemetery.

What began in 1992 with a trailer load of wreaths, decorated by volunteers and laid at the graves of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery has now become a national organization with over 700 participating locations – all focused on the mission to Remember – Honor – and Teach.

With similar ceremonies taking place across the nation, the organization now has donated, over the past 21 years, more than a million wreaths to honor America’s war dead.

Uncle Ben’s Gets Kids Cooking

Learning to CookNoticed this on Facebook this morning! What an awesome contest sponsored by Uncle Ben’s!

The “Let’s Get Kids Cooking” Ben’s Beginners Contest is a playful competition inspiring parents to cook a kid-friendly, rice recipe with their child (ages 5-12). All it takes is a dash of time and a splash of personality for a chance to win the grand prize: $20,000, an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show and a cafeteria makeover for their child’s school (valued at $50,000).

The contest is in its “voting” stage now – so check out the awesome videos that were sent in and vote for your favorite!

Each time someone votes Uncle Ben’s donates $1 to Yum-o – Rachael Ray’s nonprofit organization that empowers kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking by teaching families to cook, feeding hungry kids and funding cooking education and scholarships. (donations up to $35,000)

Check out the videos: