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Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?

How many companies offer candles or wax products (and “accessories”) for sale? How about kitchen stuff? Bags? What about weight loss? Did you know that according to Marketdata Enterprises the weight-loss product market in the US grew to about $60.9 BILLION in 2010? The typical American dieter makes four weight-loss attempts per year!

People are spending hundreds of dollars to have NEEDLES stuck into their bodies in order to get results NOW. We are a society of “instant gratification” – from phones to books to movies and shows. Everyone wants what they want and they want it NOW!

Now, what if I told you that my company is different? You aren’t going to believe me because everyone says their company is different. What if I told you that – you have to try it to believe it, would you trust me? You don’t know me – but I know that a LOT of people looking to increase their income (and potentially decrease their belly size) go online to look for answers. Well here is MY answer for you: IT WORKS! Global.

Like I said before – every company will tell you they are different, but can you name me a company that is successfully blowing up the market (and on the cusp of being a billion dollar company) using just a little, inexpensive, yet spa-quality body applicator?

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Have a Guilt Free Valentine’s Day with Lionsgate BeFit

Like your favorite box of chocolates, Lionsgate BeFit has a wide variety of workout disciplines that will help you to tone up and lose any lingering baby weight so you can fit into a hot new outfit or just look your best for the one you love.

You can check out the channel via the link below:

Lionsgate BeFit, a dedicated fitness channel on YouTube, is an ad-supported one-stop shop for free, high-quality programming that features original new shows focusing on the latest trends in fitness highlighting top trainers and brands along with our extensive content catalog.

You will find Ab Blast, Cirque du Solei, Crossfit, Yoga and much more! All free!

Lionsgate BeFit Statistics:

  • 1 million views each week
  • Over 30 million total views
  • 10,000 new subscribers each week
  • Nearly 200,000 total subscribers
  • 75% Female audience

I’ve been trying to find some free videos as well as free tips and tricks to aid me on my “Get Fit, Be Healthy” mission – I hope you join me in my mission!

Show Your Team Spirit with Spirit Lockets

Spirit Lockets

Are you looking for a chic way to show off your “school spirit” for your son or daughter’s school or sports team? You HAVE to check out Spirit Lockets!

Spirit Lockets was inspired by co-founder, Tammy Knibbs’, love for cheering for athletic daughter and showing off her “mom pride”. With many friends who also proudly donned anything they could find with their precious athlete’s team number and school colors, Tammy felt there was definitely a market for ladies who would love to customize gorgeous and fun sports themed jewelry and show off their spirit.

Tammy says, “I literally had a close girlfriend next to me in the bleachers one day whipping up sparkly earrings for us moms to wear with our maroon team shirts as we cheered like crazy for our daughters on the volleyball court. It just made me think my girlfriends would love to sport their child’s number in a fun, chic way!”

There are currently four different types of lockets to choose from – then you pick your colors and charms to go inside! There are a ton of different combinations so you can completely personalize. You can also purchase charm bracelets and “pride slides” which are little round discs stamped with words (sorta similar to dog-tags).

Super cute and really affordable. Check them out!

SALE: 13% OFF All Spirit Dangle Charms and our new Charm Bracelet. Good through January 13th.

Simplifying Your Beauty Routine with mark. Makeup

Thanks to my friend (and fellow Military wife) Chelsea of Diamonds, Dogtags & Diapers I was able to try out this awesome cosmetics line from mark.

mark. is an expertly edited beauty & fashion boutique that is constantly launching fresh, on-trend products. Inspired by the hottest runway looks of the season, mark. offers young women must-have, cutting edge trends before they even hit shelves. If you live for the rush of a great find, meet mark.

mark. is part of the Avon company – so you can be sure that the products are awesome. The mark. line is just geared towards more fashion conscience chicks … now I’m not saying Avon isn’t – I’m just saying when I think of Avon I tend to think of my Mom or Grandma. I find I like the colors and accessories in the mark. catalogue more than I like the Avon stuff. [Read more…]

DIY Red Tipped Fingernails

Red Tipped Fingernails -- Step FourSo, I wanted to save a little money at the nail salon the other day – I wanted red tipped nails but didn’t want to pay the $10 fee for what they consider “nail art” so I went to the cheapo store and bought some painters tape to do it myself!

Here’s how!

Supplies List:

  • Your nails (real or fake – I don’t judge)
  • Base coat color
  • Tip color
  • Painters (blue) tape
  • Clear top coat

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Hunger Games Inspired Nail Art

I went to see The Hunger Games last night with a couple girlfriends and two of us – myself and my friend Lauren – did some ‘Hunger Games’ inspired nails. Neither of us got really fancy, but neither of us have really long nails either.

My personal Hunger Games inspired nail was a black base with orange tips. Didn’t come out as great as I would have liked (the orange) but I was using a Sally Hansen nail art pen and it didn’t work like I thought it would. Next time I think I will just pick up a skinny nail brush and do it with some tape instead.


Photo from Self

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