Brain All Hurty

I have a huge nasty migraine … I’ve literally had this stupid headache ALL DAY LONG (since I woke up this morning). I’ve been swallowing Excedrin but it just isn’t doing anything. I don’t have time for this crap – I have SO much to do in the next couple days! I had a couple Photoshop projects due for class today so I stayed up late last night working on them, plus the pets just didn’t want to let me sleep so I got maybe 2 hours last night. Like I said – woke up this morning with a nasty headache plus had a fundraiser today for the web club which went all kaflooey (thanks Domino’s … asshats …) PLUS I have to get a blog redesign done and clean the house and cope with a ‘business trip’ and an emo-preschooler (because of said ‘business trip’). I feel like ass and I just wanna go to sleep and get rid of this headache (which, incidentally, is making my neck all hurty also).

BLEH! Christine is not a happy camper today! NO SIR!


  1. I have a drink with your name on it. Come visit.

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