Boycott of Four Paws Products

This is a call to action for ALL dog owners! A Twitter friend of mine posted a link that lead to a story about a dog named Chai who had a Four Paws brand “Pimple Ball with Bell” (Item #20227-001, UPC Code 0 4566320227 9) that he got his tongue stuck in. Yes, you read that correctly – this poor dog was happily chewing away at his ball and before his owner could realize what had happened the ball had sucked the dogs tongue inside the single hole in the ball. The dogs chewing had created a suction that acted like a vacuum.

Needless to say – the dog required massive medical attention that culminated with his tongue swelling up so badly that it was amputated. Chai has had to learn how to eat again and is on a special diet now. His owner is his sole caretaker and devotes her time to caring for Chai.

She contacted Four Paws inc. with the information about not only Chai – but of other dogs who have had the very same thing happen. Four Paws told her that “there aren’t enough instances to (recall the product)” … How many dogs have to be severely injured in order for the company to do something?

It just breaks my heart to think about the pain that Chai (and the other dogs) have been through and are still going through. I think of my own dog, Samson and know that he adores chewing on dog toys – what would happen to him if one of those toys hurt him? I watch him chew – but I know that a vaccuum seal like the one that injured Chai can be created so fast that the dog might panic and just keep the ball in his mouth – not allowing you (the owner) to see it’s in pain.

Please – refrain from purchasing products from Four Paws in order to get the point across to them that this is a DANGEROUS toy and shouldn’t be sold! You’d do it for your children – why not your furbabies?

Thanks for reading. You can read Chai’s website here and the Four Paws website can be found here.


  1. Poor Chai… I bet they had to put him under just to get to the ball.

    Michael’s last blog post..Pepperjam Network: Initial Impression

  2. That is so sad. That ball is the only toy that our two dachshunds play with and do not destroy.

    corrin’s last blog post..Stinky & Smokey

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