Boring, Boring

Honestly, the most interesting news I have is that I tried to start an Apocalypse Challenge on Sims 2 not once, but TWICE now without getting past the first generation. I’m going to try it once more, then if I fail I’m so giving up and trying another challenge. Any other total Sims2 dorks out there like me?

I cleaned and cleaned the past two days. I spent a good chunk of today hunting down a nice daybed with a trundle/pop-up for my guestroom (and didn’t make dinner at Golden Corral – sorry girls!) I’ve been failing at a lot of stuff lately … haven’t paid my poor babysitter yet, haven’t mailed off my signature form for my taxes, haven’t mailed a box to my sister. I SUCK …

I’m in an “ok” mood I guess, just a little down. I just have no energy I suppose, so all I want to do is sit on my rear.



  1. Ah…sorry to hear you’re in the dumps…sounds like a downslope right now…forgetting, not wanting to do things…btdt!

    Did you find that trundle/day bed????

    And hey, at least you cleaned.

    OH…and did the magazines get there yet?

    Linda’s last blog post..bargain, anyone?

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