Blarg! Whaa! Cleaning!

Ugh, Xander is in a PISS-AWFUL mood today. He refuses to nap and is way overtired …. I’m trying to do laundry and clean up a little and all he wants to do is be held, which I can do (I have a wrap) but then when I hold him he’s all squirmy and whiney. I don’t know what’s up with him today. Gah …. I think I will take him for a walk (in the wrap of course lol) – it’s a beautiful day out. I had all the windows open earlier, but I had to make his room dark and get some white noise going to see if he’d sleep (no dice of course), so the air is on now and all the windows and doors are shut (and the blinds in his room). Man, I’d love to take a nap, we tried co-napping earlier too and nothing. I think his tummy hurts a bit, but he’s not falling for the usual tummy-better tricks I do. So, I guess a walk is my only option. Its so sad when he gets like this … and on such a nice “swing outside” day too.

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