Beside the Dying Fire – #TheWalkingDead

the_walking_dead_beside_the_dying_fireLet me preface this by saying – this is FULL of spoilers! Don’t read it if you haven’t watched the season finale of The Walking Dead!

Ok, so …

Last night was the second season finale of The Walking Dead. This season started off “slow” in terms of zombie slaying but ended in a complete flip! I thought the mid-season finale (the barn scene) was insane; this one brought the barn DOWN (in flames even!)

I was happy to see Shane go last episode. It made for a good bonding experience between father (Rick) and son (Carl). They each had their turn to kill Shane! There was finally good dialogue between Rick and Carl and from what I am hearing about next season, Carl will start holding his own a bit more. Yes, he’s a child – but this is what he is growing up in and he needs to learn to be a little more self-sufficient.

Poor Andrea! But, I can see why they left her – she had a damn zombie on her! They forgot she’s just BADASS and can handle those zombies herself I guess. But then she gets rescued by a hooded person with two ‘pet’ zombies attached to leashes! According to Talking Dead – that hooded badass is a very popular character in the graphic novels called Michonne! I’m excited about this character – she and Andrea can be awesome together.

Now, the “Rick-tatorship” starts! Do you think T-Dog will stick around? He already obviously wants to get the hell away. What about Carol and Daryl? Seems like Carol is questioning Rick’s leadership but Daryl wants to stay. I think Carol will go anywhere Daryl goes. I also think they looked adorable on the motorcycle together and need to hook up. That’s just my humble opinion though! Oh and the prison! Eek!

Oh Glenn finally said I LOVE YOU to Maggie! I love these two together …

I’ve decided that I don’t like Lori. She never knows where the hell her child is and she’s now mad that her husband shot and killed her boyfriend. Dumb, dumb, stupid-head woman! She acts all high and mighty and is the stupidest person there.

I’m happy Hershel survived! He’s totally grown on me and I would love to learn more of his backstory.

Season Three – I’m SO ready for you!

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  1. I have the graphic novel on order. Never read a single one before but I’m already having withdrawals and I just can’t stand not knowing characters. Like the Governor who’s coming into season 3.

    I agree with all your depictions except co-dependent Carol. She annoys the crap out of me. I hate week female characters. Plus, Daryl is mine!

    Lori reminds me of way too many moms I no longer hang with. Pass judgement and advice to everyone about everything but you don’t even know where your kid is lmao

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