Beginner Twitter Tips

I’ve noticed that a lot of my fellow web club (oswm) members are coming omboard and getting onto Twitter! I’m so excited about this because I’m always talking about how awesome Twitter is and how it’s a great way to not only meet people online, but also market yourself to the “masses” of people online!

One thing I have noticed also is that a lot of knew Twitter users don’t bother to upload a picture (or logo) – this needs to happen! More people will take notice if you have your logo or photo on your profile.

Another good thing to do when you sign onto Twitter is to brand your profile. Don’t know what I mean? Check out my Twitter profile. That’s me there – along with links to my blogs. It’s not hard to do – but if you do not have graphics experience there are plenty of places you can go to get one for little to no money.

Another tip is don’t just post blog/site updates, sponsored links and other spammy-like stuff. You will get unfollowed faster than you can say “tweet” – I promise you that.

Make your “tweets” personal as well as pointed. You will have a good time on Twitter, just don’t take it so seriously! Relax – it’s just Twitter!

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