Because I’m A Nerd

So, I went to send the “Lab” work that I did today in Website Management to my teacher via email. The file wouldn’t attach because it was TOO BIG. Who the heck creates a Word document that is too big to email? Apparently, that would be me. My lab for today – installing certificate services on IIS 6.0 – ended up being 11 pages long with all the screen shots I took. The cumulative “Lab Journal” I’ve been working on for the class is so far 45 pages long. I’m sure it will end up needing to be zipped in order for it to be emailed.

I keep joking that I’m going to turn my Lab reports into e-books and sell them for $4 … I’m such a nerd!

Other than my excessively long Lab reports the class is going well. I really wanted to learn Windows Server software because I would like to host a website (or two) from a home server. Or at least have the option to host.

Tomorrow the web club will be having a pizza sale on campus. I have to remember to call and order the pizza tonight – but thankfully, everything else is set. I have helpers, plates/napkins and advertising. Let’s cross fingers that the sale ends up doing really well!

Oh – on another note – I’m going to be changing the category structure on this blog. So, things might disappear and re-appear. Just FYI!

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