Baby Cries

I guess since I don’t have my “Baby Log” setup right now I will put this post in here. CIO day two … I hate CIO (Crying It Out) but this little dude needs to SLEEP and so does his Mommy and Daddy. So, CIO it is … He started at 7:30 with a round of nursing and then I layed him down and he started crying of course. So, I patted him a little and left him. I have been checking on him every 20 minutes and we did another round of nursing about 10 minutes ago and he’s STILL crying. He quieted down for a couple minutes but now he’s crying again. He isn’t “screaming” anymore (well, a couple times he will) so I guess that’s a good sign. I’ve been through everything else with him, so CIO has been my last resort (well, short of side-caring the crib which is something I am trying not to have to do). Well, anyway … he’s still at it and it’s now 9:30pm. *sigh* My poor little man … Anyone have any more advice for me? I can only imagine what he’s thinking …

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