Awesome Writing Prompt Websites for All Writers

Awesome Writing Prompt Websites for All Writers

I’ve been on the hunt for imaginative writing prompts for my eleven year old lately. A lot of “prompt” pages are so boring! I mean, yes, I understand that little kids are just learning how to write but can’t we have some cool prompts to use? Some of the prompts we’ve used in our house (we homeschool) include things based off of Minecraft (“Imagine you are Steve and wake up one day alone in a forest. What do you do first? Keep in mind you will need shelter, food and protection!”) and recently, Fallout (I can’t remember that prompt off the top of my head though!)

Take your kids’ interests and roll with them! Video games, movies, books .. they all make wonderful writing prompts! Here are a few websites I’ve found that have awesome writing prompts for any age.

Ps. Parents YOU know your kid best – please check out the links *before* you send your kid to them!

  1. Writing Prompts (via tumblr)
  2. 365 Creative Writing Prompts
  3. 100 Not Boring Writing Prompts for Middle/High Schoolers
  4. Minecraft Writing Prompts
  5. Star Wars Writing Prompts
  6. Writing Prompts that Don’t Suck (via tumblr)
  7. Nerdtastic Writing Prompts for Beginners (includes links to more!)
  8. 55 Creative Writing Prompts for Teens & Tweens
  9. Writing Prompts (via Reddit) [parents, pre-read these because some are not kid-friendly!]
  10. Writing Prompts (via Pinterest)

Please share your favorite writing prompt links in the comments!

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