Taxidermy Chipmunks and Carnival Freaks

Tonight, I checked out two new shows on AMC – “Immortalized” and “Freakshow” – after watching (of course) a black and white episode of “The Walking Dead.”

I enjoyed both – but I did decide that I do not wish to learn how to actually CREATE taxidermy. I do however, still want to purchase a chipmunk or squirrel that I can dress up for each season and holiday.

I also had a fleeting interest in learning how to swallow swords.

Which went away quickly … Don’t worry …

But anyway … I found a cute squirrel on Regretsy (where else?) … Isn’t he cute?

Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s kinda rainy here today in Hawaii … So, between snuggling with my 2 year old Fairy Girl and doing some online work I am CLEANING! Dishwasher has already run (need to empty it and refill it) and the laundry is ready to be washed.

I also mopped the hallway! Yay! My goal is to finish straightening the living room and get the sink EMPTIED! I also need to make the 8 year old pick up the clean laundry off the laundry room floor and sort it into baskets to be folded and put away. He hates that shit. I love to torture him 😉

Eating something food-like would probably be a good idea also.

The Right to Bear Arms

This is an article written on a blog called Jack of All Spades. Here is a snippit – but I suggest you read the rest on the original blog. Excellant article! When I share stuff like this on places like Facebook I open myself up to people who disagree with my (strong) feelings on gun control. On here – my blog – I feel better about not allowing someone to disagree – lol …

For as long as I can remember, the political officers of the United States have regularly misused tragedy for their own causes. This is in reality just human nature to make the best of a situation but the real issue arises when that person takes a very serious situation and pushes through an agenda on the backs of small children. I deeply regret the tragic events involving recent active shooters and wish a speedy recovery to all involved. I wish that the communities worst hit by these events can move past these events with strength. Life gives us lemons every day; I just don’t expect them to come in the form of an active shooter. What I do expect is that no matter the lemon, we can find a way to make lemonade.

Read the rest!

Disagree all you want – I don’t care. But I’m not debating this topic and I’m not going to “agree” with you.

If you don’t like guns, fine. You aren’t taking mine away. I’ll just be the one saving YOUR ass when the shit hits the fan. Don’t tell me that “they aren’t trying to take your legally acquired guns” – yes, “they” are. They might not be saying it NOW – but I strongly believe that this “gun control” ladder will come to that point.

This Explains a Lot

Got this from Tumblr. I always find my favorite things on there. Or Pinterest …

Oh gosh … the Disney Tarzan movie just came on the television … I’m so not interested …

Hey Macarena!

Merry Creepy Christmas

Children of the Victorian Era had to be tough, because this Santa Claus would have given me nightmares! This picture is a detail of a larger family portrait from Flickr user stevechasmar.

Never Be a Damsel in DISTRESS

… be a Damsel in Defense!

Damsel in Defense is about equipping women with the tools to not only keep us safe but to give us the confidence to know we have a way out if we ever feel threatened. We are very excited about our affordable and adorable line of products. Whether you are at home or traveling, running or celebrating downtown with the girls, Damsel in Defense has the products and fact-based education that can and does save lives.

All of our products are non-lethal and covered by warranties. Our hope is that you would never have to use our products, but equipping one Damsel in distress at a time with her Defense is what keeps us moving forward.

How many of the woman you know visit the local cop shops? Exactly.

Host a party and put the gift of safety in front of your friends and loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

And don’t feel bad about pulling that friend from her family for a home party obligation. Husbands and boyfriends are our biggest supporters.

 Want to learn more? Host a party? Contact Me!!