Getting Ready

T-Minus ONE WEEK until the BIG MOVE! I’m both excited and really, really glum. I feel like Eeyore. I’m going to miss my friends SO MUCH. We’ve still got packing to do and a house to rent out (and CURB APPEAL to work on! Valerie – you mentioned helping me garden???)

There’s money in our checking account thanks to pay day (thank you Big Navy for paying us on time, lol) and thanks to a cash advance (shut up … you need them sometimes!) So, we’re ready to pay at least one rent. Ahem … not two, but one. So, hopefully (yet again) someone rents to house.

Got a call from the realtor today in fact saying “Just wanted to let you know that the person who was coming to view your house today didn’t rsvp (or whatever word she used) so we had to cancel” … um, no one had even TOLD me someone was coming to view today. So, that makes 4 cancellations. I guess I have to drop the rent a little more also.

I’m SO bummed out. Seriously.

Good Morning!

I opened my inbox to see not one but TWO trackbacks to my post re. Google yesterday. So, thanks Life in the Country & YackYack SEO! LITC did a list of sites that were blogging about Google and its evil-ness yesterday, check it out.

On another note, the pin up session with my friend Amy went awesome. Lots of fun! Hopefully, I will have some pictures up soon, not too many pictures though 😉 heh heh … I did a red dress, a black and red corset and red frilly undies with a white shirt. I’m WAY to comfortable with my body, lol …

Driving home to Jax today. Moving in a week. Ay yay yay … No wonder I woke up to a GINORMOUS zit on my face yesterday. Seriously, I’m 26 years old … zits?

Another Take on the Google Algorithm

Here’s a funny post on how the Google PR Algorithm REALLY works! (Thanks Julie for twittering this!) – What I Actually Hear.

Google Spank – Part 2

If you are a blogger and have experienced yet ANOTHER spanking from Google let me say, my heart is with you. Three months ago, my blog here at Starryskye was a Page Rank 4 – now, as of last night it is a Page Rank 0. Bloggers around the globe are being downgraded simply because they either choose to monetize their blog or mention any of the popular “pay blogging” sites such as Pay Per Post or PayU2Blog.

Google is trying to cover it’s own ass by slamming these quality websites. Google is trying to own the monopoly of website revenue. A lot (if not most) of the Advertisers rely on Page Rank to determine whether or not to advertise on the particular website/blog. So, if Google cuts the page rank, they then cut the amount of advertisers willing to do business with the blog.

This is CENSORSHIP and absolute CRAP! Page Rank does NOT determine the popularity or quality of a particular blog.

Google is actively seeking out blogs that mention PPP (Pay Per Post), PU2B (PayU2Blog), Review Me, etc. in your posts.

Please visit Ted Murphy’s post re. this also on the new Izea blog.

Google is trying to control what YOU make as a blogger – are you going to let them? I know Ted isn’t! I also know that PU2B doesn’t rely on Page Rank either. Google isn’t going to get away with this for long. Let’s just see what happens when Izea drops SocialSpark – the next generation of sponsored blogging combined with social networking.

It’s just a total bitch that Google chooses to play this hand of cards right before the holiday season. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE!!

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Wednesday Night TV

I only watch “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: New York” when I’m either at my parents house or my parents are at my house. Tonight, I’m at my parents house. I like these types of shows, but they all kinda run into each other now. I liked them when they first began a few years ago, but not so much now I guess. I think out of all of them I like CSI: NY, the original CSI and Criminal Minds the most.

A commercial just went on about smart phones. I think I’m starting to want one … Like iPhones are super sexy. I’m more into them now I guess because I’m more into Texting.

Ammonia leak in Tampa. Apparently, some kid thought there might be money in an exposed pipe and he DRILLED into it releasing ammonia in the air. They had to shut down an entire street (a main highway) and evacuate a ton of people. I hope his parents seriously kick his ASS. What the hell would make someone do that? Derrr!

I think I’m done for the night.

Beautiful Weather

My weather widget is currently reading 86 degrees. It’s the middle of November! I complain about Florida’s weather so much (like, in the summer, when it’s a million degrees in the shade) but I love it when it comes to this time of year when I can sit on the back porch and play with my laptop. (I love my “job” lol).

But, Alan and I have figured out when we will be leaving this great state. This, land of beach weddings and Mickey Mouse. We will be driving up to the “frigid” north (not really). We are moving to Virginia!

I can guarantee it is NOT 85 degrees ANYWHERE there. In fact, I might be happy I left out my warm jacket and scarf. I like seasons, don’t get me wrong. It’s just REALLY nice outside right now. I think the nice warm, outdoor air is clearing up my sickyness also.

Ps. As I write this, my Dad is sitting next to me reading the paper. He says “are you BLOGGING again” lol .. Yes Daddy, aren’t I always BLOGGING? 😉