Well, He’s His Father’s Son …

Hee hee hee … So, here’s more proof that Xander is Alan’s child: I was sitting in front of the pooter feeding Xander, and the theme song to the Simpson’s came on (well, the show itself was coming on) and Xander pulls off and starts watching the show. He stared at the tv for like 5 minutes and then I put him in his rocker and set him in front of the tv. I lost him to the Simpsons lol …. He’s JUST LIKE ALAN!! 😉

Sick … It Figures!

So, the day of the Andalucian Idol Karaoke Competition has arrived .. and guess what? Alan gave me his COLD! So, I’ve been sucking down water, sudafed and honey lemon cough drops trying to get some semblence of a voice back. It’s not too bad because tonight is the “rock” theme. I think I am going to do “You Outta Know” by Alanis Morrisette. Why? Because it’s about the only thing I CAN do right now. Sheesh. Who knows how this will turn out. I just want to get past the first round so I can do country next week heh heh. I’m so sick … blah! Stoopid Alan!

New Layout

Oooh .. now it’s pretty 🙂 Now I just need a matching smiley set (heh heh). This one might just last awhile, I just wasn’t feeling the green. Actually, I hated the last layout from conception. Oh well, pretty nekkid angels now 😉

Blarg! Whaa! Cleaning!

Ugh, Xander is in a PISS-AWFUL mood today. He refuses to nap and is way overtired …. I’m trying to do laundry and clean up a little and all he wants to do is be held, which I can do (I have a wrap) but then when I hold him he’s all squirmy and whiney. I don’t know what’s up with him today. Gah …. I think I will take him for a walk (in the wrap of course lol) – it’s a beautiful day out. I had all the windows open earlier, but I had to make his room dark and get some white noise going to see if he’d sleep (no dice of course), so the air is on now and all the windows and doors are shut (and the blinds in his room). Man, I’d love to take a nap, we tried co-napping earlier too and nothing. I think his tummy hurts a bit, but he’s not falling for the usual tummy-better tricks I do. So, I guess a walk is my only option. Its so sad when he gets like this … and on such a nice “swing outside” day too.

Crying ..

Ugh, I let Xander cry it out again … He just would NOT go to sleep, so I nursed him for the 6th time since 8:30pm and left him in there to scream and cry. I was ready to scream and cry myself, so I had to walk away. He cried for what seemed to be a half hour, though I think it may have only been 15 minutes, and now he’s apparently sleeping. I don’t hear him. Guess I should check on him. Wow, Mommyhood is hard 🙁

Nurse-In at “The View”

For all my NY, NJ and surrounding area readers … There will be a “nurse in” at a taping of The View.

Monday, June 6th, 2005, at 11 a.m.
the corner of Columbus Avenue and 67th Street ABC Studios New York City

Among other incidents: Barbara Walters has repeatedly denigrated mothers who nurse their babies in public, and states that millions of babies have been raised on formula and they’re just fine, implying that breastfeeding advocates are ill-informed. Elisabeth Hasselbeck claimed to have been harrassed at Disney by sling-wearing La Leche League leaders while pregnant with her child, which led to all the hosts bashing breastfeeding advocates (and which also led to a response from LLL, which was not pleased to have been slandered) as nuts. The final straw? On yesterday’s show, the hosts made “a big announcement” – Elisabeth’s month old baby has been put onto formula, which was applauded as a huge, wonderful, happy milestone.

“The View” has made it clear that they regard breastfeeding parents with contempt. Spread the word on the nurse-in – let them know that enough is enough.

Ps – I didn’t write the above information – I’m just passing it along.