We’re Heee-re!

We made it to Virginia! We drove up on Sunday hauling a UHaul behind my van. Alan drove the whole way thankfully since Lord knows I can’t drive as it is, much less haul something behind us that is supposed to STAY behind us! So, the trip was okay. We were supposed to leave Saturday morning, but the packing was going a little slow. We made it up here around 10:30pm on Sunday, got the keys to the new place and fell asleep on an air mattress. Xander slept on the futon mattress.

Today we unloaded the UHaul and am trying to move stuff around in order to allow for the movers to come tomorrow and bring the rest of our stuff. We have been eating tons of fast food which is just killin’ me here … We had Taco Bell for brunch and McDonalds for dinner (while we were trying to find not only a weigh station but a UHaul dealer). We unhinged the trailer once we found the dealer (which didn’t even take any body shop supplies at all – Good job Alan!) and drove away back home.

I’m so tired. I still have to put the baby to bed. I have chapped lips. My finger hurts. AND I’ve gotta do a ton tomorrow. Goodnight!

All My Bags Are Packed …

We’re leaving in the morning for Virginia! Bright and early!

Christine Needs a Vacay

I seriously think that after all this is said and done Alan and I should leave the baby with a friend and take some cruises. Or, just one cruise I suppose. I’d really like to relax and have a nice buffet and show. Maybe even get a massage and get my toenails painted. I guess I just want a nice, long break from stress after all this moving is done.

Just take me away to some island paradise and let me sunbathe in the sand!

I like cruises … haven’t been on one in YEARS!

Gift Ideas – Lingerie!

Here’s another gift idea for those ladies out there who love corsets! LingerieDiva.com is a great website that can provide you with plenty to play with including plus size lingerie, cami’s, bras, underwear and even jewelry. I like the selection and the fact that their prices are great. Seriously, they have everything that you could want – every style you could think of. It’s a pretty nice website. So check it out!

Epazz BoxesOS

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Packing Out

We’re moving … TOMORROW! So, there’s a trailer in the front yard already attached to our van. It’s already half packed. There is almost nothing in our house. I already detailed the bathroom and Alan detailed the other bathroom. There is still a ton to do, but I’m taking a blog break. Xander is laying on the floor right in front of the television watching Dragon Tails. He’s been a naughty two-year old – but a really helpful one. He likes throwing things in boxes and helping to open doors.

I’m so hungry and we’re totally out of milk. We’ve got no way to drive to the store because the van is already hitched. Should have planned that one a little better – ahh well. Hopefully, Valerie comes by later and can bring me some milk (hint hint).

Still have to garden and finish packing … Yes, I said garden … We’re still working on some curb appeal. Still have a couch and a change table in the garage.

I don’t think I will be needing any exercise equipment for awhile. This is a workout!