Jumping the Funk

Ever been in a funk? Like, you have a day (or days) where you just don’t want to do anything? A day (or days) where you just feel “meh” – which is to say, just totally indifferent? Not happy. Not sad, really. Just, meh?

Yeah, that was like ALL of November for me. The entire month. Sure there were a few days here and there that were lovely, but for the most part – for most of the month – I felt as though I was in a fog. “Going through the motions” I guess. I cooked for the family, took care of everyone – but my heart and brain were still wrapped up in my warm blankets in bed.

Not sure what caused it, but I’m feeling better(ish) now. I love December and the holidays. I love all the decorations and the music. I don’t love the hustle and bustle – but I have some chill pills for that. I love gift giving. I love smiles. Sometimes, I even love the cooler weather. Keep in mind, I am in Southern California now – so while it’s way cooler than Hawaii – it’s not “cold.”

Some of the things I want to focus on this month include self care, re-figuring out my goals (both personal and business) and drinking more water. I need better habits.

Oh yeah, and blogging more.

Learning History with American Girl (Civil Rights Movement)

There is a brand new American Girl movie coming out based on their “Melody” doll. Melody’s story is set in Detroit during the Civil Rights Movement and examines the joyful life and troubled times of an irrepressible 10-year-old African-American girl whose vivid imagination and creativity reinforce her optimism. When shocking national events threaten her sense of security, Melody must find inner strength to restore her hope for a better world.

Even though we’ve never purchased the actual American Girl dolls – we are big fans of their stories! Both of my kids (5 year old girl and 11 year old boy) enjoy reading about the lives of the girls and the times they lived in. I think it brings history “home” when kids see other kids their age living their lives in different historical times! We have a couple of the non-fiction books (“Welcome to Kit’s World, 1934: Growing Up During America’s Great Depression” and “Welcome to Molly’s World, 1944: Growing Up in World War Two America“) that teach kids about specific time periods (with lots of photos!) I’m hoping that they come out with one for Melody also!

Until then – here are some books for kids about the Civil Rights Movement and the 1960’s:

[table id=1 /]

Also, here are a couple lesson ideas for teaching about Civil Rights:

  1. Civil Rights Activity Book via Teaching Tolerance
  2. Civil Rights Movement for Kids (.pdf file)
  3. Civil Rights Lesson Ideas via BrainPOP

Don’t forget! An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win premiers on Amazon on 10/21!

* This post contains affiliate links – affiliate links help pay the bills! However, the ideas, opinions and text are all mine.

FREE! Disney Moana Coloring Pages

Disney's MOANA

We here at ThatNerdyMama are HUGE Disney fans! The boy-child (age 11) might be in denial, but he loves Disney as much as little-sister (age 5) and Mama do! We are SUPER excited about the November 23 release of Moana – especially since we lived in Hawaii for three years! The islands are a magical place and the people and culture are so amazing!

Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped – and no one knows why. (via Disney’s Moana)

I’d love to share with you some FREE coloring pages to celebrate the arrival of Moana! Click on them to bring up the page and download them. Enjoy! <3

Moana Coloring Page 'Maui' Moana Coloring Page 'Moana' Moana Coloring Page 'Maui and Moana in Boat'
Moana Coloring Page 'Maui and Moana' Moana Coloring Page 'Pua and Meihei' Moana Coloring Page 'Maui and Moana'

Moana sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016. For more information, visit the official website or Facebook page!


Facebook Marketplace – A New Way to Hustle?

Stay-at-home mama’s (and like, everyone else in the world) are always looking for ways to easily list items for sale and bring in a little extra cash. Apps and websites like LetGo, OfferUp, VarageSale, eBay,  and Craigslist are super popular and relatively easy to use. Some apps are more locally driven, some require you to ship items. The point is – these sites/apps have sorta replaced the traditional “garage sale.”

Facebook (the most popular social media site) is taking on these apps with Facebook Marketplace, a new tab on their app that allows users to list items for sale. Over 450 million go to Buy & Sell groups on Facebook every month. Marketplace condenses those groups and doesn’t require users to get approval before joining.

Marketplace’s three main features are “browse & buy” (which allows users to buy items,) “sell your stuff” (which has been streamlined into a quick four-step process,) and “search your surroundings” (which allows users to search for specific items in their area.) Marketplace might feel safer to some users because they are able to check out other users’ profiles (compared to anonymous sites like Craigslist.)

Marketplace is now out on mobile in the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand but could roll out globally and out on the web if it proves to be popular.

Please, please keep in mind that whenever you exchange money via the internet there is a chance that your identity might be stolen or you will be scammed. I’m not saying this to scare you, but identity theft is HUGE and it’s something you need to keep an eye on.

One tip that I have for buying/selling online is to not use your “default” debit / credit card for purchases. Have an account that you use for online purchases that does not contain ALL of your money. You should also use a credit card as opposed to a debit card because typically speaking, credit cards are more secure. Find out if your bank/credit union has fraud prevention! My credit union sends me a text if fraud is suspected which is a wonderful feature. Just last week my credit card was stolen and the person spent over $100 on clothes and tried to buy makeup also. The transactions were halted and my bank texted me. Don’t make the same mistake – I used my normal debit card and I used Facebook’s “send money” option. I will stick to using PayPal and SquareUp as I have *never* had any issues with those (even though I know some people who have – although this was years ago.)

Stay safe in that world wide web, friends!

Awesome Writing Prompt Websites for All Writers

Awesome Writing Prompt Websites for All Writers

I’ve been on the hunt for imaginative writing prompts for my eleven year old lately. A lot of “prompt” pages are so boring! I mean, yes, I understand that little kids are just learning how to write but can’t we have some cool prompts to use? Some of the prompts we’ve used in our house (we homeschool) include things based off of Minecraft (“Imagine you are Steve and wake up one day alone in a forest. What do you do first? Keep in mind you will need shelter, food and protection!”) and recently, Fallout (I can’t remember that prompt off the top of my head though!)

Take your kids’ interests and roll with them! Video games, movies, books .. they all make wonderful writing prompts! Here are a few websites I’ve found that have awesome writing prompts for any age.

Ps. Parents YOU know your kid best – please check out the links *before* you send your kid to them!

  1. Writing Prompts (via tumblr)
  2. 365 Creative Writing Prompts
  3. 100 Not Boring Writing Prompts for Middle/High Schoolers
  4. Minecraft Writing Prompts
  5. Star Wars Writing Prompts
  6. Writing Prompts that Don’t Suck (via tumblr)
  7. Nerdtastic Writing Prompts for Beginners (includes links to more!)
  8. 55 Creative Writing Prompts for Teens & Tweens
  9. Writing Prompts (via Reddit) [parents, pre-read these because some are not kid-friendly!]
  10. Writing Prompts (via Pinterest)

Please share your favorite writing prompt links in the comments!

What Does Thirty-Five Look Like

Christine and the Cursed ChildToday is my birthday and I am officially 35 years old! I had totally forgotten my age until my Best Friend (of 25 years) reminded me! The thing is – I stopped counting once I reached 30. It’s not that I’m sad about getting older, I just don’t *feel* old (not that 30 is old, but you get it.) I was texting the Bestie last night wearing a Hogwarts tshirt while playing Fallout 4. I don’t know how a thirty-something is “supposed” to dress but I’d assume not like that. I also have purple-red hair. Also a nose ring. I don’t *feel* old. I mean, when I hang out with 20 year olds I feel old but that’s because I go to be relatively early and can’t drink like I used to.

Am I supposed to feel “old” now that I’m 35? I’m halfway to 70! Although, I have this feeling that when I’m 70 I’ll still be obsessed with Harry Potter and still playing video games (with my grand-kids of course!)

Cheers to getting older! Bring it on!

Ps. Thanks Dad for the lovely “young face” genetics.