Another Holiday Down

Family HalloweenHalloween is officially over! I’m saying that now because we just got home from a Halloween party for Xander’s playgroup. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, watch two of my friends “beat the hell” outta each other (they are always play fighting – they are pretty hysterical) and holding the newest member of the group – 4 (?) day old Abbie 🙂 Everyone loves a warm & snuggly baby – so we all took a turn loving on her. Baby Fever commence again!

Anyway, all of our costumes looked great aside from my giant self (ugh, don’t get me started – lets just say that it’s so totally diet time). Alan was a Vampire (he was going for “Lestat” circa Queen of the Damned), Xander was Super Mario and I was Hermione (with glasses …. lol).

Here is a “family” picture from last night. I took a few new ones today and will post them tomorrow. I’m too tired to get the darn camera. I’m ready to sort through my tea collection, brew up something yummy, put on some jammies and relax in front of some DVR’d Ghost Hunters. Goodnight!!


  1. Christine says:

    Hey! I sent you two emails, one to the team and one with my report. Let me know if you need more info from my report as it’s been years since I’ve had to do an oral report and I want to be sure I’m not missing information. I won’t be the only one reporting so just my report won’t be our deciding factor of our grade or anything. but let me know anyway.

    Also, you looked awesome as Hermione for Halloween. Next year, if I can get all the pieces, I’m hoping to be Edward Elric from fullmetal alchemist. heh

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