American Idol Finals TONIGHT!


I’m so excited about the American Idol finals tonight! This is the first year in a few years now that I’ve gotten obsessed with the show and I am very happy about who is in the “final two” – Kris Allen and Adam Lambert! Both of the guys have major talent – MAJOR TALENT – but Adam is the apparent “pick” for winner. Kris is more of a “dark horse” I guess – or so they keep saying.

Kris has been in my personal top five for weeks now; so I am exceptionally happy about his being in the final.

I know that both contenders – in fact most of the top ten – will come out with albums; so I am not worried about never hearing them sing again. As a lot of you know – Chris Daughtry was an American Idol castoff and has had one of the best selling rock albums of all time. So, just because you “lose” American Idol doesn’t mean you “lose” – you know?

So, who is your pick? Team Kris or Team Adam?

Me personally ..?


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