American Idol – “At the Movies”

FYI: There be AI spoilers in this post. Don’t wanna read them? Then don’t!

Quinten Tarantino worked with the contestants this week in a tribute to songs from the movies. He’s got some fire that man … I love his movies and he seriously knows his music.

Allison performed “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith from the movie “Armegeddon” with the normal Allison ‘sauce’ … The beginning of the song was a little odd – maybe to deep for her? If it’s possible … but once she hit the middle she rocked it. She’s still in my personal Top 3.

Anoop performed one of my favorites – “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams and was absolutely WONDERFUL. His voice is beautiful and his eyes are so soulful … Anoop is definetly in my personal Top 5!

Adam rocked. What else is there to say? He absolutely ROCKED OUT to “Born to Be Wild” and gave his usual awesome spin to it. He’s got amazing stage presence and a helluva lot of talent. He’s in my Top 3 baby, him AND his guy-liner!

Matt sang “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” and turned what is normally a beautiful song into some ¬†white-boy version of an R & B song. He did runs all over the place and just generally did the song no justice. I think he’s going home tomorrow.

Danny performed “Endless Love” and while he hit a couple odd notes, I think he did an excellent job. In my Top 5 still!

Kris Allen performed a song not known to me – but I think (as usual) that he was lovely. His voice is beautiful and he really did a great job. Kris is still in my personal Top 5.

Miss Li’l Rounds performed “The Rose” and while I normally like Li’l – this version of the song just didn’t do it for me. She’s got a beautiful voice – but I really don’t know …. Paula judged her like Paula does while Simon rolled his eyes. “Too soft, too middle of the road” said Simon. Li’ responded to Simon and gave him a little fight.

Can’t wait to see tomorrow night’s results show!

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