American Horror Story


Oh. My. God. I think I have a new favorite show!!!

Did any of my friends watch this? What did you think of it? Any ideas as to how this is going to play out? I was rooting around Tumblr for some perspectives and I found one that was interesting. Gonna put it behind a cut so I don’t spoil the show for anyone though.

Okay so this guy – Howard Black – on Tumblr wrote the following (in bold) and my comments will be under them (in italics).

So after watching the Pilot of “American Horror Story” tonight, I already have my theories on what’s going on, and considering that the show is full of head-scratching moments, I don’t find a premature theory to be unreasonable.  With that said:

Harvey, the burn victim, is a ghost
“I don’t even remember how I put myself out” was a very telling line.

I was thinking that also – I mean, the guy burned the room(s) … he was IN there and he obviously was burned because of his face. I don’t think he could’ve survived that fire.

The down-syndrome girl Adelaide is a ghost, as is her mother
The dog bit, which was pleasant and gentle, wigged out and bit her.  They both seem to come and go as they please in the house.  “Don’t make me kill you again.”

I was wondering about that dog (and how they always get into the house!). Plus, Adelaide seems very young, and the two boys appeared to be killed in the 70’s or early 80’s. Adelaide should be older, no? The “don’t make me kill you again” like was AWESOME! I KNEW there was something w/the main – I figured she wasn’t ‘real’ .. but this line kinda solidified it for me.

The two previous gentleman owners are a lie concerning the two boys killed
It seems like they’ve shown all the important ghosts already.  How do we know the house has had “occupants” since them, which leads me to my next theory…

The house isn’t really restored; it’s Hell, literally.  The way we saw it with the two boys is how it looks now, in our world.
Like the residents, the house itself is a ghost, in a sense, showing itself different to some people than others (e.g. the different ages of the maid).  The doctor’s old work is an homage to “Haunting in Connecticut”, and his activities created a door between realms.  Those caught in the house are stuck between realms…

Hadn’t given this much thought – but … nice!

The family is dead
The wife cutting the cheating husband (I don’t remember all their names) was important enough for them to keep it in the writing.  Something emphasized throughout the show thus-far has been perspective.  We saw things through the wife’s perspective, and with her sanity not clearly the best, it’s possible that she’s an unreliable narrator.  I think she cut his throat and killed herself and possibly the daughter.  Or maybe the daughter being with them is a by-product of her own personal Hell.  With this personal Hell idea, it also ties as to why the husband sees the maid all sexy and such.

I missed the cutting part! Gonna have to go re-watch it (like I hadn’t planned on doing that already).

I loved this show. I am already planning on re-watching it. It was creepy, weird, a little awkward (lots of sex that I didn’t expect to be on ‘regular’ cable, lol) … It’s going to be an interesting and insane show I think …


  1. Yeah, I’m totally into this show as well. Just 2 episodes in, and I’m totally hooked.
    I just read Howard Black’s theory that you posted here, and yeah, I can see it, at least parts of it.
    I, too, missed the cutting part, so I’m also going to have to re-watch it, which like you, I was planning on watching both episodes back to back…hahaha

    I’m glad to see someone else already hooked on it as well.
    I LOVE weird and creepy, strange shows like this. It reminds me, in a way, of Twin Peaks.
    It’s strange, creepy, weird, and ahead of it’s time, and definitely not for everybody, but to certain people, this particular genre is right up our alley, and I’m looking forward to whatever is coming.

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