All in a Days Work

Well, today was the huge clean-a-thon. Both Alan and I worked our tails off … the baby’s room is well on it’s way to being organized, the living room is clean, the kitchen is clean, the bedroom is on it’s way and the bathroom is clean. Nice! Even the middle porch is clean (go Alan)! I went shopping for an hour too today – I bought a Bissel carpet cleaning thing (a small one) and a pool for Samson (yup, but if Xander wants in it he can go in it also lol) – the pool cost me a whole $1.50 🙂 It’s all plastic and about 4 feet across and a foot deep. Perfect 🙂 Also, getting Xander to bed wasn’t too too hard .. he only cried for 20 minutes, I went in and nursed him and he fell asleep ten minutes later. He’s been asleep since 12am (and it’s now going on 3am) so he should be waking up soon according to HIS 3 hour rule 😉 I heard him squeaking a little a couple minutes ago, so who knows. I will go check on him in a minute before I try to go to bed. He will prolly wait until I am snug in there to wake up. I really want to take a bath also … rar .. what to do! 🙂

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