Adderall, Harry Potter and a Mayjah Headache


Could I squeeze any other keywords into that post title? Geeze … seo much?! Anyway – I have a headache. I woke up with said headache. I’m not exactly sure if it’s a sinus headache or not because I took some Sudafed around 30 minutes ago and it seemed to be helping, but the headache came back a little. However; I began Adderall (for my A.D.D …. finally) a couple days ago and I am worried that the headache is coming from that. I ate breakfast – cereal – this morning, but maybe I need to eat something else. I wasn’t hungry for the cereal but I knew I had to eat something otherwise I’d  get “a massive headache” (according to my psych).

Oh – but I just started sneezing and the pressure seems to be going away a bit. So maybe it IS a sinus headache?

Went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Wednesday with my friend Melissa. I still have to write up my ‘full’ review but I do have a word of advice (that I should be taking myself!) The book and the movie are separate entities – go into the theater KNOWING that there will be changes. All movies based on books are different – so be expecting that. Take this movie for what it is and you will like it much more. If you are expecting the movie to be just like the book you will HATE it. Hopefully I didn’t spoil it for anyone – lol ….

Today I am taking hubby to see the movie while Xander is in daycare. Like a date! Maybe we will eat lunch (off the dollar menu) before the movie!

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