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Hi! I’m Christine, nice to “meet” you! I’m┬áthirty years old, a mother, a wife, a web developer & designer, a karaoke singer, an actor, a sew-er, a scrapper and an all around wacky chick. Yeah, I have serious issues.

My husband is a proud United States Sailor and his job takes us all over the world. I’ve lived everywhere from New York (where I was born) to Florida (twice!) to North Carolina to Spain and now Virginia.

I blog here about the Navy and the “wonderful” (cough) life it brings up, being a Mommy to a six year old Boy (Xander) as well as a 1 year old Girl (Juliana) and the every day ups and downs of life. Entertainment, gossip, reviews and politics cross my mind (and therefore, my blog) often.

Oh, and I like to dye my hair. A LOT!

I blog about just about everything here – life, issues, politics, reviews … I try and keep it pretty personal though. I’ve been known to go off on many tangents and talk about stuff that shouldn’t be out in public.

I currently reside in Virginia Beach, VA although. I was born in New York, and moved to Florida when I was seven years old. I’ve also lived in North Carolina and Rota, Spain and Mayport/Jacksonville, FL.

I’ve seen parts of Germany, driven on the Autobahn, climbed “The Rock” of Gibraltar, and froze my ass off standing under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

My Alan & I

Our Family @ Alan's Navy Chief Pinning Ceremony

My little Chicken Nugget at the Zoo!

My Pretty Girl

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