A Slimmer Christine?

I feel like my jeans are fitting looser – but the scale still reads “OMGWTFBBQ!!!???” when I get on it to weigh myself. What gives? I know I eat too much fast food but I’ve been seriously cutting back. I’ve been drinking more water too. I need to (have my husband) drag my damn treadmill into the house from the garage and put it somewhere where I can use it. You know, put on the ol’ iPod headphones and shake that ass?

I was taking some “green tea” diet pill in the morning and another “night time” one at night. They were working to curb my appetite so I might consider trying those again. I know Carmen Electra was shilling out those NV diet pills awhile back – I’d be happier taking something that she advertises – she’s a little on the hot side.


  1. I know how you feel– I go through the same thing. I have PCOS and Thyroid problems… so I have to be “good” more than probably the average person. It sucks.

    Laurie’s last blog post..Save Lids to Save Lives

  2. I just had a World of Warcraft moment in reading that OMGWTFBBQ part. LOL.

    I don’t even want to talk about weight loss. I need to, but A) I hate to exercise, and B) I love to eat, even though I don’t eat an enormous amount. /sigh

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