A Little De-Stressing!

Military men (and probably the women too) LOVE their paintball. I’ve seen this any where we get stationed, in fact. Each base we’ve been too has some sort of club for paintball and a ton of members. I guess there is just something about pelting someone with a ball of paint that is a great stress reliever! And of course we know that those in the military could do with a little stress relief!

Ultimate Paintball has all you need for the best paintball experience! They sell everything from the paintball guns (including brands such as Tippman, Ion and Spyder) to the safety gear to the clothing. They even have all the tactical vests, harnesses and scopes you need! Not to be outdone, they of course, have your ammo of choice, the paintball. Better yet – right now they are offering FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $200.00 with UPS! How much nicer can you get? So, go check out their site and get your game on!

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