A Little Cold

I keep messing with the air conditioning. I’m trying to find a happy medium between “I’m Effin’ COLD” and “Whew! It’s HOT in here!” … The problem is, when I turn the air colder it’s at the end of a cleaning spree and I hit the air as I’m walking into the computer room to sit on the ol’ass for a minute. A minute turns into a half hour as I find more and more military blogs to read (I have a search on Google going) and I lose myself in CinCHouse for a moment. I then realize that I’m COLD and I get up to adjust the air and I see something that needs to be done (or it’s time to reboot the laundry. that never seems to end. ever.) and I get working again, only to realize that I’m now HOT. Blah. Hubby is trying to get Toddler to bed and Toddler doesn’t want to hear it. Except that, only 2 hours ago, Toddler was falling asleep on the couch. Silly Toddler. Just go to SLEEP!! I wasn’t hungry when I made Hubby dinner earlier (we’re out of things I feel like cooking, so tonight was Chef Boy-Ar-Dee … poor hubby …). I’m hungry NOW though of course – so I’m thinking of hitting Taco Bell. Not that my checkbook can handle it – nor my ass. Oh well … he’s leaving soon, so might as well spend it now, right? I saved soooo much money last time he was gone, lol … Again, poor hubby! You deploy to Iraq for 6 months and come back home to a wife who has lost interest in cooking and serves you fast food or Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee every night. He’s not gonna wanna come home next time! (He’s already got chocolate cheesecake in mind … sheesh)

Well, it’s hot again, and I have to figure out what Chalupa I want to order. Cheers!

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