A Few “Resolutions” of Course


I never keep resolutions for New Years’ … Who really does? So, these are just some of my GOALS for 2012 (aside from freaking out because the world is going to end in what – 355 days?). Anyway … Here are some of the goals I have for 2012.

  1. Lose Weight – Sure, this one is a given. But the odds are higher this year because myself and a couple of my friends and I have a bet going. 40lbs by spring break. There is even $100 on the line here. Eek!
  2. Get Organized – I’m well on my way on this one actually. I’ve felt pretty driven to get more organized lately; and with the possibility of an overseas PCS looming I really need to stick to this goal.
  3. Read More – My goal is small really; just 12 books. A book per month. This goal seems pretty achievable! I’d like to read “The Hunger Games” as well as the biographies of Steven Tyler and Chaz Bono. Suggest a book for me please!
  4. Craft More – I feel the need to create; so I would like to at least begin Xander’s scrapbook (Xander will be helping). I would also like to do a few other things like some letters for Juliana’s room and a lamp made from a liquor bottle.

So yeah – there you go. What are some of your “goals” for the new year? Please share them with me in a comment!

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