A Clubbing We Will Go

No … not clubbing like cave people!!

I like going out with my girls every once in awhile – but since we are all “Mom’s” it’s usually every once in a blue moon! We’ve hit a couple bars here in town (and outside town) and have had a lot of fun. I bet you can picture it – a few Mom-types out at a bar gulping down beer (or mixed drinks) and playing (or in my own case – trying to play) pool. It’s a blast!

My normal “attire” for going out to a bar is a pair of jeans and a nice shirt – short sleeve, lower cut, strapless even sometimes. I do my makeup and I do my hair. I put on some good upbeat music (I am in LOVE with Pink’s “Bad Influence” right now) and I feel good about myself.

Now – when someone (um, usually a guy) compliments me on how I look I admit it feels good. It’s an ego boost for me. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful I am but admit it chicks – sometimes it’s nice to get compliments from other men also. I obviously don’t ACT upon those compliments – and I normally just laugh at whatever guy is doing the complimenting.

I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin here.


  1. Your style of dressing to go in the bar is a classic but the best. In such a clothes you do can not look funny and you are always in fashion.

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