Fat Bottomed Girl

I am SO full! It’s “Fast Food Friday” and I was planning on cooking (I was going to make Super Nachos and have movie night) but we spend awhile driving around because Alan had to get a uniform hemmed and also buy a trenchcoat (His old one was ripped a long time ago and it’s COLD here!). So, we stopped at a couple thrift stores to find a desk for me and didn’t find anything. Stopped by a couple pet stores to check them out (Animal Jungle was one and I have to say it STUNK as soon as you walked in, I wouldn’t buy from them). We’re planning on checking out the Virginia Beach ASPCA tomorrow in search of a little bundle of kitty-fluff to take home.

So, anyway … it was after 7pm by the time we were heading home so we stopped at an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffet (No. 1 Chinese Buffet or something) and OMG! There was so much FOOD!! I ate WAY too much. Seriously. So, I think I’m not moving off the couch for awhile.

I am seriously in need of some exercise equipment. My ass is getting bigger by the minute!

Hubby built a fire because he was probably tired of listening to be complain that I was cold (I was SHIVERING!!). So, nice fire! I’m watching Xander play Mario Kart … again. Bleh, I’m so full …


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t like Animal Jungle. 🙁 You know, it does have sort of a smell but I thought it was just me noticing it (I’m a bloodhound when it comes to that). I do try and stay away from their animals, not because of the smell, but because we bought one of our cats there. A $700 “Himalayan”. Well if you look through my Flickr photos you’ll see that Cooper is in no way a Himalayan. The papers (that they didn’t bother to find for us until weeks after we bought him) proved to show that he is a fancy “hybrid” mix (from a kitten mill I imagine). He’s a wonderful cat but I’m still bitter about that.

    Good luck finding a fluff ball of your own!

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