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I started this blog wayyyy back in 2005 I think. Twelve years ago! When I first began blogging I was doing it because I was a young Navy wife, living in Spain (i.e. a “million” miles away from everything I knew) and had just had a brand new baby. I loved writing and expressing my feelings and sharing learned wisdom.

Then, I started blogging “for money” and it turned into something else. I wasn’t writing from my heart anymore, I was writing for my audience and while I was making some cash (which is always nice!) – the blog wasn’t an “outlet” for me anymore. I burned out. The post quality went way down and I just started abhorring the whole process.

Each time I wanted to blog again I would look at the (old) posts that were sitting on that first page and I was actually embarrassed! So, a couple days ago I backed up all the posts (because reasons) and deleted the entire blog. All of it. Gone. On purpose.

You know that scene in that Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie where she answers the door to the post man and he sees her absolutely trashed house and she goes “I woke up this morning and just hated EVERYTHING.” – that’s how I feel about this blog.

I feel like I’m able to write again.

So now, I can write for ME. I can share about my life as a mom (of two!) as a Navy wife (omg 15+ years, he’s retiring soon) and even a homeschooling/unschooling mom. I can be ME without the worry that some advertiser isn’t going to like what I write.

So yeah. I think I might be back, bitches. *wink*